Executive Council (EC)

Description: The Executive Council advises the chancellor and the chair of the division of his/her responsibility to coordinate the work of all committees.

Committee Analyst:

Cherysa Cortez

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Committee Membership
Sang-Hee Lee, Anthropology

Declan F. McCole,
Biomedical Sciences

Secretary Parliamentarian:
Steven G. Axelrod,

Weixin Yao, Statistics
Peter W. Atkinson, Entomology
Lorenzo Mangolini, Mechanical Engineering
Sheldon Xiangdong Tan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Victor Ortego-Marti, Economics
Peter M. Sadler, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bahram Mobasher, Physics and Astronomy
Raquel M Rall, School of Education
Christiane Weirauch, Entomology
Linda L. Walling, Botany and Plant Sciences
Barry K. Mishra, Area of Accounting
Victor G. J. Rodgers, Bioengineering
Marcus Kaul, Biomedical Sciences
Jang-ting Guo, Economics
Katherine Stavropoulos, School of Education
John N. Kim, Comparative Literature and Languages
Po-Ning Chen, Mathematics
Robert Clare, Physics and Astronomy
Richard Michael Carpiano, School of Public Policy Sociology

Ex Officios: