Executive Council (EC)

Description: The Executive Council advises the chancellor and the chair of the division of his/her responsibility to coordinate the work of all committees.

Committee Analyst:
Cherysa Cortez - cherysa.cortez@ucr.edu



Committee Membership
Jason E. Stajich, Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Christiane Weirauch,

Richard Michael Carpiano, School of Public Policy Sociology
Hai Che, Area of Marketing
Joseph Kahne, Graduate School of Education
Alejandra Dubcovsky, History
Subramanian Balachander, Area of Marketing
Amanda Lucia, Religious Studies
Declan F. McCole, Biomedical Sciences
Philip Brisk, Computer Science and Engineering
Ben Bishin, Political Science
Stefano G. Vidussi, Mathematics
Richard K. Seto, Physics and Astronomy
Jingsong Zhang, Chemistry
Yinsheng Wang, Chemistry
Theodore Garland Jr., Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Xuan Liu, Biochemistry
Lucille Chia, History
Katherine A. Kinney, English
Patricia A. Morton, Media and Cultural Studies
Sheldon Xiangdong Tan, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ex Officios: