Executive Council (EC)

Description: The Executive Council advises the chancellor and the chair of the division of his/her responsibility to coordinate the work of all committees.

Committee Analyst:

Cherysa Cortez

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Committee Membership
Sang-Hee Lee, Anthropology

Declan F. McCole,
Biomedical Sciences

Secretary Parliamentarian:
Steven G. Axelrod,

Peter M. Sadler, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Abhijit Ghosh, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Katherine Meltzoff, School of Education
Weixin Yao, Statistics
Reza Abbaschian, Mechanical Engineering
Ward P. Beyermann, Physics and Astronomy
Ilya Brookwell, Media and Cultural Studies
Michalis Faloutsos, Computer Science and Engineering
Anne McKnight, Comparative Literature and Languages
Bahram Mobasher, Physics and Astronomy
Richard Michael Carpiano, School of Public Policy Sociology
David D. Oglesby, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Linda L. Walling, Botany and Plant Sciences
Jianzhong Wu, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Elodie Goodman, Area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Victor G. J. Rodgers, Bioengineering
Marcus Kaul, Biomedical Sciences
Jang-ting Guo, Economics
Gareth J. Funning, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Wesley Y. Leonard, Ethnic Studies

Ex Officios: