Executive Council (EC)

Description: The Executive Council advises the chancellor and the chair of the division of his/her responsibility to coordinate the work of all committees.

Committee Analyst:

Cherysa Cortez - cherysa.cortez@ucr.edu

Additional Information & Resources
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Committee Membership
Jason E. Stajich, Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Jonathan P. Eacott,

Dana J. Simmons, History
Juliann E. Allison, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Manu Sridharan, Computer Science and Engineering
Wallace Cleaves, English
John M. Heraty, Entomology
Don Collins, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Chandra A. Reynolds Gebelin, Psychology
Yinsheng Wang, Chemistry
Sean Cutler, Botany and Plant Sciences
Katherine Stavropoulos, School of Education
Philip Brisk, Computer Science and Engineering
Peter J. Graham, Philosophy
Theodore Garland Jr., Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Barry K. Mishra, Area of Accounting
Joseph Kahne, School of Education
Declan F. McCole, Biomedical Sciences
Richard Michael Carpiano, School of Public Policy Sociology

Ex Officios: