Educational Policy (CEP)

Description: The Committee on Educational Policy considers and reports upon matters of educational policy which may be referred to it by the president, the chancellor, the division, or by any committee of the division.

Committee Analyst:

Beth Beatty

Committee Membership
Lorenzo Mangolini, Mechanical Engineering

Amy Litt,
Botany and Plant Sciences

Weitao Chen, Mathematics
Ward P. Beyermann, Physics and Astronomy
Matthew Casselman, Chemistry
Matthew Lang, Economics
Piotr S. Gorecki, History
Eric Schwitzgebel, Philosophy
Chikako Takeshita, Gender and Sexuality Studies
B. Glenn Stanley, Psychology Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
Elodie Goodman, Area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Katherine A. Kinney, English
Zhijia Zhao, Computer Science and Engineering
Amos J. Lee, School of Education

Ex Officios:
Member to be determined,Member to be Determined
Sean Nguyen,ASUCR Representative