Privilege and Tenure (P&T)

Description: The Academic Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure is guided by the UC system-wide Senate Bylaws 334-337. The Committee deals with three distinct categories of cases: grievance cases (SBL 335), where a member of the Senate claims injury through the violation of his/her rights and privileges; disciplinary cases (SBL 336), where a member of the Senate is accused of having violated the Faculty Code of Conduct; and early termination cases (SBL 337), where a Senate or non-Senate faculty member challenges whether there is good cause for his/her early termination.

Committee Analyst:

Veronica Quesada -

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Committee Membership
James S. Tobias, English

Subir Ghosh, Statistics
Kadangode K. Ramakrishnan, Computer Science and Engineering
Judith Rodenbeck, Media and Cultural Studies
Marcelle Chauvet, Economics
Jianying Gan, Environmental Sciences
Boris Maciejovsky, Area of Management
Helen Regan, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology

Ex Officios: