Scholarships and Honors (Honors)

Description: The Committee on Scholarships and Honors recommends to the president, through the chancellor, the awarding of undergraduate scholarships, including Regents' scholarships and other competitive awards.

Committee Analyst:

Travis Gutierrez

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Committee Membership
Patricia Cardoso, Theatre, Film & Digital Production

Chengyu Song, Computer Science and Engineering
Adem Orsdemir, Area of Operations and Supply Chain Management
Ozkan Eren, Economics
Kevin G. Kou, Chemistry
Wei Liu, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Jin Nam, Bioengineering
Vrinda S. Chidambaram, Comparative Literature and Languages

Ex Officios:
Brian Haynes,Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Jose Aguilar,Director of Financial Aid
Amariah Peedikayil,ASUCR Representative