Scholarships and Honors (Honors)

Description: The Committee on Scholarships and Honors recommends to the president, through the chancellor, the awarding of undergraduate scholarships, including Regents' scholarships and other competitive awards.

Committee Analyst:
Rosana Franco -



Committee Membership
Elizabeth Davis, Psychology

Ana Bajzelj, Religious Studies
Vijayalakshim Santhakumar, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia, Botany and Plant Sciences
Sara K. Becker, Anthropology
Allen Mills, Physics and Astronomy
Yingbo Hua, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tao Jiang, Computer Science and Engineering

Ex Officios:
Brian Haynes, Student Affairs
Jose A. Aguilar, Financial Aid
Arshneel Kaur, ASUCR