Library and Information Technology (LIT)

Description: The Committee on Library and Information Technology shall advise the Division, Chancellor and President on all matters relating to academic computing and information technology; administration of the library; and matters concerning scholarly communications in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Regents.

Committee Analyst:

Travis Gutierrez -

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Committee Membership
Manu Sridharan, Computer Science and Engineering

Susan Laxton,
Art History

Jia Guo, Bioengineering
Erich H. Reck, Philosophy
Miguel Carreras, Political Science
James Frederick Davies, Chemistry
Heather Ford, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Shujie Ma, Statistics
Myisha Cherry, Philosophy
Shizhong Xu, Botany and Plant Sciences

Ex Officios:
Steven Mandeville-Gamble,University Librarian
Josh Bright,Associate Vice Chancellor of Computing and Communication