International Education (Am 26 May 88--previously Education Abroad Committee)

This committee consists of at least five regular voting members in addition to the following non-voting, ex-officio members who may not serve as Chair of the Divisional Committee: the Vice Provost for International Affairs; the Dean of University Extension; the Director of the International Student Resource Center; the Director of University Extensions’ International Education Programs; the campus faculty liaison to the University of California Education Abroad Program; an undergraduate student; and a graduate student. The representative on the Universitywide committee is normally the Chair of this committee. (Am 26 May 88) (Am 27 May 99) (Am 11 Nov 04)(Am 20 Nov 07)(Am 1 Dec 09) (Am 25 Feb 14) (Am 1 Dec 15)
The committee shall represent the Division in all matters concerned with international Education. In particular, it shall advise the Division on the Education Abroad Program and other aspects of international education, including the well-being of foreign students and faculty at UCR, the participation of UCR in international exchange agreements, and the participation of UCR faculty and students in international research and educational programs other than the EAP. (Am 26 May 88)(Am 27 May 99)