Academic Freedom

The committee consists of five members of the Division, including, ex officio the Chairs of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure and the Committee on Faculty Welfare. (Ed 30 Jun 91) (Ed 21 Nov 02)
The committee shall meet at least twice a year, and as needed. (Am 21 Nov 02)
The committee shall be alert to any conditions within or without the University that, in the judgment of the committee, may adversely affect the freedom of the academic community at large. The committee shall report any such conditions to the Division. It is understood that academic freedom includes, but is not necessarily limited to, free inquiry and exchange of ideas, the rights to present controversial material relevant to a course of instruction, to publish or disseminate controversial material or information and to perform research in controversial areas. It is also understood that academic freedom is to be conjoined with academic responsibility: it is to be exercised in accordance with standards appropriate to the relevant scholarly disciplines. (En 21 Nov 02)
Specific duties of the committee include: A. To evaluate as needed, current institutional policies (APM) as they might relate to academic freedom and propose revision to the Division or to the Systemwide Committee. B. To evaluate, as needed, current procedures for dealing with grievances in academic freedom and propose revisions to the Division. C. To consider issues of academic freedom brought before the committee by individuals or other UC Committees and to report findings and recommendations to the Division or to other committees for further action. D. To assist in the education of the academic community regarding the rights and responsibilities relating to academic freedom. To this end, the committee shall communicate a statement of its duties and mission to the general UCR academic community. (En 21 Nov 02)