Charges (En 5 Jun 75)

This committee consists of seven members. (Am Nov 02)
Five members shall constitute a quorum.
It is the duty of this committee to:
Receive in writing, through the Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee , unresolved complaints regarding Faculty conduct, as per procedures described in SBL336 and UCR Division Appendix 5; (Am 29 Nov. 2011)
Determine whether the allegations in the complaint, if true, would constitute a violation of University policy regulating individual Faculty conduct; and
If answered negatively, recommend to the Chancellor that all references to the complaint shall be expunged from all records except that of the Charges Committee;
If answered affirmatively, request from the Chancellor any supporting evidence already developed and conduct an inquiry to determine if there is probable cause to warrant a disciplinary hearing before the Committee on Privilege and Tenure. The findings shall be submitted to the Chancellor. (Am 31 May 79) (Am 29 May 12)
The committee may for the purpose of fulfilling the duty described in appoint ad hoc committees. (Am 29 Nov. 11) (Am 29 May 12)