This committee consists of a minimum of eight members, normally with at least one member representing each of the areas: humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, and physical sciences, and each of the colleges/schools. One member of the Committee on Courses is also a member of the Committee on Educational Policy. (Am 22 May 86)(Am 25 May 95)(Am 30 Nov 2010)
Subject to the provision of 8.10.3, the Committee has authority for final approval of all courses of the Riverside Division, except those courses in University Extension above the 200 series, giving due consideration to the findings of the Graduate Council, the Committee on University Extension, Executive Committees of the colleges and schools, and officers at Riverside. The Committee has authority for approval of associate-instructors for upper-division and graduate courses, and for instructors of University Extension courses numbered below 200. The committee will report its actions to the next regular meeting of the Division. (Am 28 May 81)(Am 30 Nov. 2010)
By a petition signed by any five voting members of the Division, all matters concerning the approval or disapproval of courses may be referred to the Division for final action. In conformity with Bylaw 6.1, the petition shall then be placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the Division. Pending consideration by the Division, the filing of a petition shall not affect the status of any approved course. Nor shall the disapproval of any course by the Division affect the status of any approved course in which instruction is currently being offered. (En 28 May 81)
The committee shall, after consultation with the department(s) concerned, have the authority to delete any course which has not been offered for four consecutive years. (En 30 May 85)