Dec 03, 2019 Division Meeting

University of California Academic Senate
Regular Meeting of the Riverside Division

Tuesday, Dec 03, 2019
Genomics Auditorium 1102A
1:10 PM

Printable Division Agenda


  1. Minutes
  2. Announcements by the President
    • President Janet Napolitano is unable to attend
  3. Announcements by the Chancellor at Riverside
    • Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox is unable to attend
  4. Announcements by Vice Chancellors
    • None
  5. Announcements by the Deans or other Executive Officers
    1. Secretary-Parliamentarian: Election Results
  6. Announcements by the Chair
  7. Special Orders
    1. Consent Calendar*
      1. Approval of Curricula Changes
        1. CNAS Physics Major
    2. Annual Reports of Standing Committees, received and placed on file**
      1. Committee on Academic Freedom
      2. Committee on Academic Personnel
      3. Committee on Charges
      4. Committee on Committees
      5. Committee on Courses
      6. Committee on Distinguished Campus Service
      7. Committee on Distinguished Teaching
      8. Committee on Diversity and Equal Opportunity
      9. Committee on Educational Policy
      10. Committee on Executive Council
      11. Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer
      12. Committee on Faculty Welfare
      13. Graduate Council
      14. Committee on In Memoriam - N/A
      15. Committee on International Education
      16. Committee on Library and Information Technology
      17. Committee on Physical Resources Planning
      18. Committee on Planning and Budget
      19. Committee on Preparatory Education
      20. Committee on Privilege and Tenure
      21. Committee on Research
      22. Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction
      23. Committee on Scholarships and Honors
      24. Committee on Undergraduate Admissions
      25. Committee on University Extension
    3. Annual Reports of the Faculties, received and placed on file
      1. Executive Committee - Bourns College of Engineering
      2. Executive Committee - College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
      3. Executive Committee - College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences
      4. Executive Committee - Graduate School of Education
      5. Executive Committee - School of Business
      6. Executive Committee - School of Medicine - N/A
      7. Executive Committee - School of Public Policy
    4. Degree reports, received and placed on file**
    5. Regular Reports of Standing Committees and Faculties, received and placed on file
      1. Committee on Courses - Course approvals
      2. Committee on Courses - Instructor approvals
      3. Committee on Courses - Courses not offered for four or more years
      4. Executive Council - Campus Naming Committee
        1. Center for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS) to be named Center on Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS)
      5. Executive Council - Endorsed Endowed Chair Proposals
        1. The Bruce D. and Nancy B. Varner Presidential Endowed Chair in Cancer Research in the School of Medicine
      6. Executive Council - Items Approved in Lieu of the Division
        1. University Honors change request for placement on transcripts
      7. Committee on Preparatory Education - Entry Level Writing Report
      8. Committee on University Extension - Course/Instructor approvals
  8. Report of the Representative to the Assembly
    1. Assembly meeting, June 12, 2019
  9. Report of Special Committees
    1. None
  10. Reports of Standing Committees and Faculties
    1. Committee on Charges - proposed changes to Bylaw 8.7.1
    2. Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction - proposed changes to Bylaw
    3. Executive Committee of the Bourns College of Engineering and the Executive Committee of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences joint proposal for the new undergraduate major in Data Science
  11. Petitions of Students
    1. None
  12. Unfinished Business
    1. None
  13. University and Faculty Welfare
    1. Committee on Faculty Welfare update on Faculty Climate Survey administered by the committee
    2. Staff Assembly engagement survey results
    3. General Education Review Update: Introduction, Timeline, and Next Steps
  14. New Business
    1. None
  15. Appendix: Academic Senate Committee Attendance Report, 2018-2019

    November 21, 2019

    K. Esterling, Secretary-Parliamentarian
    Riverside Division of the Academic Senate

    *Approval of all items on the Consent Calendar requires a single unanimous vote called for as the first order of business under Special Orders. At the request of any member of the Division, any such item must be withdrawn and considered in its regular order on the agenda [bylaw 4.1.2].

    **Reports received and placed on file "are received as presented and require no further action" [bylaw 4.1.3]. Only the reporting committee can change or withdraw these reports; however, at the request of any member of the Division, a report will be moved into its regular order on the agenda (Item 10. Reports of Standing Committees and Faculties) where it may be discussed, and motions relating to the report may be offered.