06.01 - English Composition

English composition. Students must demonstrate adequate proficiency in English composition by completing a one-year sequence of college-level instruction in English composition, with no grade lower than C. Courses in the Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) program and other alternatives approved by the Academic Senate as alternatives to the sequence’s third-quarter course, English 1C, may be applied toward satisfaction of the third-quarter requirement if a student’s college permits its majors to substitute such a course for 1C, and if students have first passed English 1B with a “C” or higher. The grade in the alternative course must be no lower than a “C.” Individual colleges may set a higher GPA requirement in English 1A and/or 1B as a prerequisite to take Senate-approved alternatives to English 1C.(Am 16 Nov 2004)(AM 30 Nov. 2010)(Am 23 Feb 16)