International Education (CIE)

Description: The Committee on International Education represents the division in all matters concerned with international education, including international research, and study-abroad and foreign exchange programs.

Committee Analyst:

Leondra Jacobs

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Committee Membership
Charles (Denver) Graninger, History

Bai-lian Li, Botany and Plant Sciences
Shaolei Ren, Electrical and Computer Engineering
John N. Kim, Comparative Literature and Languages
David Eric Weisbart, Mathematics

Ex Officios:
Kevin Vaughn,Dean of University Extension
Marko Princevac,Vice Provost for International Affairs
Michael Schmelzle,Director of International Students and Scholars
Robert Mckee,Campus Faculty Director of Education Abroad
Kevin Vaughn,Dean of University Extension
Junyi Chen,GSA Representative
Jasmine Nugyen,ASUCR Representative