Research (CoR)

Description: The Committee on Research formulates general policies concerning research activities on the Riverside campus, especially those that are supported by funds at the disposal of the committee or by extramural subsideies, and makes recommendations to the chancellor and the division related to these activities.

Committee Analyst:
Traviis Gutierrezz -



Committee Membership
Hai Che, Area of Marketing

Kinnari Atit, Graduate School of Education
Marcus Kaul, Biomedical Sciences
Sergio Joseph Rey, School of Public Policy
Fedor Karginov, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
Nalo Hopkinson, Creative Writing
Hideaki Tsutsui, Mechanical Engineering
Jing Shi, Physics and Astronomy
Juchen Guo, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Pingyun Feng, Chemistry
Jan E. Stets, Sociology
Daniel J. Ozer, Psychology

Ex Officios:
Rodolfo H. Torres, Vice Chancellor - Research