Charges (Charges)

Description: The Committee on Charges receives in writing, from the Chancellor, unresolved complaints that allege violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct (APM 015). Complaints can be initiated by a faculty member, a student, or a member of the administration. The complaint is filed with the campus administration, under the procedures outlined in UCR's Senate Bylaws, Appendix 5. Complaints are considered by the Academic Senate Charges Committee when forwarded to that committee by the office of the Chancellor.

Committee Analyst:

Veronica Quesada -

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Committee Membership
Richard Stouthamer, Entomology

Seema K. Tiwari-Woodruff, Biomedical Sciences
Setsu Shigematsu, Media and Cultural Studies
Jennifer Merolla, Political Science
Karine Le Roch, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology
Evangelos Christidis, Computer Science and Engineering
Ashutosh Prasad, Area of Marketing

Ex Officios: