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5.3.7 Disciplinary Hearing by the Committee on Privilege and Tenure

The Committee on Privilege and Tenure shall follow the procedures detailed in UC Academic Senate Bylaw 336 (Privilege and Tenure Divisional Committees' Disciplinary Hearings) with regard to prehearing procedures, early resolution, hearing and posthearing procedures, and relation to prior grievance cases.

At the conclusion of the disciplinary hearing, the Hearing Committee of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure shall promptly make its findings of fact, conclusions supported by a statement of reasons based on the evidence, and recommendation. These shall be forwarded promptly to the parties in the case, including the complainant and the accused Faculty member, the Chancellor, the Chair of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure, and the Chair of the University Committee on Privilege and Tenure. The findings, conclusions, recommendations, and record of the proceedings shall be confidential to the extent allowed by law and UC policy. The Hearing Committee may, however, with the consent of the accused Faculty member, authorize release of the findings, conclusions, and recommendations to other individuals or entities, to the extent allowed by law (SBL 336.D.8).

If the Committee on Privilege and Tenure determines that there is clear and convincing evidence that the accused Faculty member has violated the Faculty Code of Conduct, the Committee shall also recommend an appropriate sanction that shall not be more severe than the maximum sanction specified in the formal charge from the Chancellor.(Am 20 Feb 07)

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