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EN4 Committees

EN4.1 There is an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair of the Faculty, ex officio; the Dean of the college, ex officio; the associate Dean(s) of the college, ex officio; the elected members of the Faculty as provided in EN4.01.01. An elected member is not eligible for immediate reelection unless he/she has completed a term of fewer than 18 months. Eligibility is reestablished after one year of non-service. The Chair, vice Chair, secretary, and parliamentarian of the Faculty occupy corresponding offices in the Executive Committee. The Vice Chair, Secretary, and Parliamentarian are elected by the Executive Committee from the existing elected Faculty members of the Executive Committee whenever a vacancy arises.(Am 20 Feb 07)(Am 20 Nov 07)

EN4.1.1 The elected membership of the committee shall include one member chosen from each of the departments in the College, elected by the faculty of that department, and one member-at large elected by the Faculty at large of the College. The election is conducted as provided in Chapter 7 of the bylaws of the Division. The first order of business of the Executive Committee, after the election of the Chair of the Faculty, will be to determine whether the representation formula needs change and to recommend appropriately to the Faculty. (Am 28 May 98)(Am 20 Feb 07)(Am 20 Nov 07) (Am 25 May 2010)

EN4.1.1.1 The term of office of members of the Executive Committee is three years. (Am 20 Feb 07) (Am 25 May 2010)

EN4.1.1.2 The election is held by mail ballot as provided in Chapter 7 of the bylaws of the Division. For purposes of these elections, members of the Executive Committee are considered Officers of the Faculty of the College. Members of the Executive Committee take office on the first day of September following their election at a regular election, or immediately upon completion of the ballot count at a special election.

EN4.1.1.3 Whenever the Executive Committee determines that a vacancy exists in its membership, the secretary of the Division conducts an election in accordance with the procedure prescribed within these bylaws provided the vacancy is to last more than seven months. A vacancy will be declared to exist and a committee member considered to have resigned if he/she anticipates an absence from the committee of more than seven months. Vacancies of seven months or less are filled temporarily by appointment by the Chair of the Faculty with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee.

EN4.1.1.4 A quorum consists of fifty percent of the elected faculty members of the Executive Committee. For the purposes of quorum the Chair is considered an elected faculty members.(En 20 Nov 07) (Am 25 May 2010)

EN4.1.1.5 At the beginning of each academic year, to provide input on the student point-of-view, the Executive Committee shall appoint a non-voting undergraduate student representative, who shall be majoring in an Engineering program, to a one-year term.(En 25 May 2010)

EN4.1.2 The Executive Committee has the following functions:

EN4.1.2.1 The Executive Committee has general oversight of the academic welfare and discipline of students in the college and has the power to bring before the Faculty any matters that the committee deems advisable.

EN4.1.2.2 The Executive Committee appoints all other standing committees and all special committees of the Faculty unless otherwise directed at a meeting of the Faculty.

EN4.1.2.3 The Executive Committee acts finally for the Faculty (a) in the awarding of all degrees to students of the college, and (b) in the awarding of honors at graduation. The committee is likewise empowered to act on petitions of students for graduation under suspension of the regulations. The committee will report all degrees approved to the Division.

EN4.1.2.4 The Executive Committee acts for the Faculty in the establishment, modification, and discontinuation of majors and minors within the college.

EN4.1.2.5 The Executive Committee acts for the Faculty in making recommendations to the Division regarding courses.

EN4.1.2.6 The Executive Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Dean of the college on proposals for the establishment of new departments or modifications of existing departments and reviews the status of all interdisciplinary programs.

EN4.1.2.7 The Executive Committee establishes and maintains liaison with the Executive Committees of the other colleges and schools in the Division.

EN4.1.2.8 The Executive Committee assists the Dean on his/her request in matters relating to the administration of the College of Engineering.

EN4.2 There is a standing undergraduate education committee consisting of the undergraduate advisors from each of the programs in the college and chaired by the associate dean. The duties of the committee are the judging of the awarding of honors at graduation and evaluation of applications for fellowships and scholarships judged and/or awarded through this college. The committee is also charged with the duty to provide an on-going review of college undergraduate programs and policies. Its advice and recommendations are to be presented to the dean and the departmental chairs, and reported quarterly to the executive committee. (EN 31 May 01)(Am 20 Nov 07)

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