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ENR3.2 Subject Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree

ENR3.2.1 English Composition: Students must demonstrate adequate proficiency in English Composition by completing a one-year sequence of college-level instruction in English Composition with an average grade of C or better and no grade lower than C-minus. UCR's sequence is ENGL 001A, ENGL 001B, and either ENGL 001C or ENGLS 001SC. Transfer students who have credit for one semester of English Composition from another institution are required to take two additional quarters, i.e., ENGL 001B and either ENGL001C or ENGL 01SC. Students have the option of using a score of 3 on the College Board Advanced Placement Test in English to satisfy ENGL 001A; they must complete ENGL 001B and either ENGLS 001C or ENGL 001SC. Students with a score of 4 or 5 on the College Board Advanced Placement Test in English have satisfied ENGL 001A and ENGL 001B; they must complete ENGL 001C or ENGL 01SC. (Am 31 May 01)(Am 22 Nov 05)

ENR3.2.2 Humanities: three courses, as specified by {{bylaw|r|6.3|R6.03}} for the B.S. degree. (Am 11 Nov 93)(Am 25 May 95) (Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.3 Social Sciences: three courses as specified by {{bylaw|r|6.4|R6.04}} for the B.S. degree. (Am 25 May 95) (Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.4 In order to provide depth in satisfying breadth in the humanities and social sciences, at least two of the courses must be upper division, and at least two courses, one of which is upper division, must be from the same subject area. (En 11 Nov 93)

ENR3.2.5 Natural Sciences and Mathematics: five courses, as specified in {{bylaw|r|6.2|R6.02}}. . (Renumbered & Am 11 Nov 93)(Am 25 May 95) (Renumbered & Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.6 Ethnicity: One course as specified in R6.05, R6.05.01, and R6.05. (En 25 May 95)(Renumbered & Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.7 The executive committee, in consultation with the faculty, is responsible for the determining which courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of ENR03.02.02, 3.02.03, 3.02.04, 3.02.05, and 3.02.06. (Renumbered & Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.8 Internships and independent study courses may not be used to satisfy College subject requirements. (En 25 May 95) (Renumbered & Am 25 May 00)

ENR3.2.9 In accordance with Division Regulation 6.08, any one course in ENR3.02.02, 3.02.03, 3.02.04, 3.02.05, and 3.02.06 is defined to be a block of instruction that carries four or more units of credit. (En 25 May 95) (Am 25 May 00)

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