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ER1 Requirements for Admission to the School

ER1.1 Requirements for admission to the school are (a) admission to graduate standing and (b) selection of an approved program in the school.

ER1.2 Students may continue to matriculate in credential programs at the junior level.

ER2 Study List

ER2.1 Procedures for approval of study lists and the assignment of advisers are determined by the Executive Committee of the school.

ER2.2 The presentation of a study list by a student and its acceptance by the school evidences an obligation on the part of the student faithfully to perform the designated work. Withdrawal from, or neglect of, any course entered on the study list, or a change in program without the formal permission of the Dean of the school, renders the student liable to enforced withdrawal from the University or other disciplinary action.

ER3 The Graduate School of Education is authorized to offer the academic degrees of master of arts, master of education, doctor of education, and doctor of philosophy as well as credential programs for public school teachers and administrators. (Am 2001, May)

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