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HS2 Officers

HS2.1 The Officers of the Faculty consist of a Chair and a Secretary-Parliamentarian. (Am 2 Jun 83)

HS2.1.1 The Chair of the Faculty is elected for a two-year term and is not eligible to succeed himself/herself immediately. He/she is elected in accordance with the procedure prescribed in these bylaws. The Chair of the Faculty shall serve as Chair of the Executive Committee of the college. In case the Chair is unable to complete the term of office, the Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Division shall within two months conduct an election, in accordance with the procedure prescribed in these bylaws, for the unexpired term, provided that the unexpired term is longer than six months. If a person so elected fills the vacancy for a period of not more than one year, the provision of this bylaw with regard to immediate reelection shall not apply and he/she shall be eligible for immediate reelection at the end of his/her term. (Am 4 Nov 82)

HS2.1.2 The Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Faculty is chosen by the Executive Committee from among its membership. The term of office is one year. (Am 2 Jun 83)

HS2.1.3 The election of the Chair of the Faculty is conducted as provided in chapter 7 of the bylaws of the Division.

HS2.1.4 The Chair takes office beginning September first next following his/her election at a regular election or immediately upon completion of the ballot count at a special election. The Secretary-Parliamentarian takes office immediately upon appointment. (Am 2 Jun 83)(Am May 06)

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