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HSR2.3 Registration/Enrollment Regulation

HSR2.3.1 The confirmation of classes is a student's selection of courses to be pursued in any term.

HSR2.3.2 Each term, students are required to register and enroll by the date set by the campus. Selection of courses must be approved by an academic if this is required by the student's major department or program. Students who do not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from the course. (Am 25 May 00) (Am 31 May 01)

HSR2.3.3 A student is expected to make regular progress toward the degree. For undergraduate students, enrollment in less than 12 units must have the approval of the Associate Dean. (Am 4 Feb 88) (Am 25 May 00)

HSR2.3.4 An undergraduate student on probation may not enroll in more than 17 units without the consent of the students’ academic advisor. An undergraduate who is subject to dismissal may not enroll in more than 15 units without the consent of the student's academic advisor. (Am 25 May 00)(Am 30 May 06)

HSR2.3.5 After on-line enrollment in classes is closed, students may request changes in courses by formal petition. (Am 23 Feb 78) (Am 25 May 00)

HSR2.3.6 Courses may be added until the end of the third week of instruction with the consent of the instructor. No course may be added after that time without approval of the Associate Dean. Any addition that would increase the student's academic load to more than 20 units must also be approved by the student's academic advisor. (Am 23 Feb 78) (Am 25 May 00) HSR 2.03.07 A student may add a course up to the end of the second full week of instruction. With the approval of the instructor and advisor, a student may also add a course during the third full week of instruction. (En 21 Nov 02)(Am 30 May 06)

HSR2.3.7.1 A student may drop a course without prior approval no later than the end of the second full week of instruction. From the third through the sixth full week of instruction, a course may be dropped with the approval of the advisor. Any withdrawal which would reduce the undergraduate student’s academic load to less than 12 units must be approved by the Dean. (AM 21 Nov 02)

HSR2.3.7.2 In the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, instructors and departments can enforce policies in which students may be required to forfeit their seats in particular courses by removing students' names from the roster after the first full week of classes and up to the end of the second full week of instruction � if students do not meet attendance requirements approved by the Executive Committee and posted in the Schedule of Classes (if they are standing policies) or course syllabi (if they apply to a course that is not taught on a regular basis). A student who is removed from a course roster for not meeting attendance requirements will not be allowed to continue in that course, and will receive an "F" or an "NC" unless the student formally drops the class. (En 21 Nov 02) (AM 22 May 03).

HSR2.3.7.3 A course dropped after the end of the second full week of instruction will remain as a permanent transcript entry showing course number and title, with a transcript symbol of W, signifying withdrawal, entered in the grade column. (En 21 Nov 02)

HSR2.3.8 With approval of the Associate Dean, students may withdraw from the University until the last day of instruction. (Am 23 Feb 78) (Am 25 May 00)

HSR2.3.9 Any changes in a student's schedule of classes not covered by the above regulations must have the approval of the Associate Dean. (Am 23 Feb 78) (Am 25 May 00)

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