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HSR2.8 Minors (En 9 Jun 77)

HSR2.8.1 A disciplinary minor is a sub-set of courses selected from a noninterdisciplinary major. It is proposed by the sponsoring department or program and approved by the Executive Committee, the Faculty, the Committee on Educational Policy and the Academic Senate. Among these courses must be a sufficient number (totaling 16 unites) selected from courses accepted for the major. (Am 22 May 86) (Am 25 May 00)

HSR2.8.2 An interdisciplinary minor is a set of courses focused on an interdisciplinary thematic area, proposed by the Executive Committee, and approved by the Faculty, the Committee on Educational Policy and the Academic Senate. Each minor is to be supervised by a representative committee of at least four Faculty members. (Am 22 May 86)

HSR2.8.3 A minor shall consist of no fewer than 16 and no more than 28 units of organized upper division course work. (Am 22 May 86) (Am 25 May 00) No overlap may occur among courses used to satisfy upper-division course requirements for a major and a minor. (Am 27 May 99) A minor may use up to one upper-division course in the major discipline for minors requiring 16 units and up to two upper-division courses in the major discipline for minors requiring 20 units or more provided that the courses are not also applied to the major. (Am 26 Nov 13)

HSR2.8.4 A grade point average of at least 2.00 in upper division courses taken in the field of the minor is required graduation. (En 28 Jan 82) (Am 25 May 00)

HSR2.8.5 Courses in the minor may be applied toward college breadth requirements (En 30 May 96)

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