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NR3.5 Life Sciences Core curriculum (En 30 May 96)

NR3.5.1 All students who are life sciences majors (Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Biology, Botany and Plant Sciences, Entomology, Cell Biology and Neuroscience) will complete a uniform core curriculum prior to advancing to upper division courses not in the core except as provided in NR3.5.7 and NR3.5.8. Specific courses which satisfy the core will be determined by the college Executive Committee. (En 30 May 96)(Am 4 Nov 99)(Am 20 Feb 07)

NR3.5.2 Biology: 12 units including laboratory. The Biology component of the core will consist of a one year introductory biology course sequences. (En 30 May 96)(Am 20 Feb 07)

NR3.5.3 Chemistry: 27 units including laboratory. The Chemistry component of the core will consist of a one-year course sequence in general Chemistry (at least 12 units including laboratory) and a one-year course sequence in organic chemistry (at least 12 units including laboratory). (En 30 May 96)(Am 20 Feb 07)

NR3.5.4 Mathematics: 8 units. The Mathematics component of the course will consist of two courses in calculus. (En 30 May 96)

NR3.5.5 Physics: 15 units. The Physics component of the core will consist of a oneyear general physics course sequence, including laboratory. (En 30 May 96)

NR3.5.6 Statistics: 2 units. The Statistics component of this core will consist of at least one course in Statistics. (En 30 May 96)

NR3.5.7 Biochemistry: 4 units. The Biochemistry component of the core will consist of at least one course in elementary or introductory biochemistry. This course may be taken concurrently with other upper division life sciences courses as long as they do not have Biochemistry as a prerequisite. (En 30 May 96)

NR3.5.8 While the intention is that students will complete all of the core courses before proceeding to upper division courses in their major, a student may begin upper division course while the core is still in progress. Up to 12 units of upper division life sciences courses not being used to satisfy the core may be taken prior to completion of the core; permission of an advisory is required to take upper division units in excess of these 12 units. (En 30 May 96)

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