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R7 Expected Progress for Undergraduate Students (En 22 May 2007)

R7.1 Expected Progress. A full-time undergraduate student is considered to be making Expected Progress toward a baccalaureate degree if he or she: (Am 22 May 2007)

R7.1.1 passes at least 45 units each academic year,

R7.1.2 declares a major by the time the stu dent earns 90 units, and

R7.1.3 follows a program of study consistent with the requirements of the student's declared major or undeclared student's College or School.

R7.2 Continued Registration. A full-time undergraduate student is considered ineligible for Continued Registration if he or she:

R7.2.1 does not pass at least 37 units in   each academic year, or

R7.2.2 does not complete the requirements as stated above in Sections R7.1.2 and R7.1.3.

R7.3 Failure to Meet Criteria for Continued Registration. Registration of a full-time undergraduate student who is ineligible for Continued Registration under any of the criteria described above in R7.2 shall be at the discretion of the faculty in the student's College or School or Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs in each College or School.

R7.4 Units Passed. For purposes of determining eligibility for Continued     Registration, in addition to units earned by passing regularly enrolled courses, the following defines what shall be counted as units passed.

R7.4.1 Workload only, non-credit courses with passing grades shall be counted as units passed.

R7.4.2 If a student receives a grade of D in a course and then repeats and passes the course, the units from each enrollment shall be counted as units passed during the quarter the course was taken, provided the student has not accumulated more than a total of 16 repeated units. (SR 780.D.4)

R7.4.3 Units earned during a summer session, either at UCR or another accredited school and transferred to UCR, shall be counted as units passed during the academic year immediately preceding the summer session.

R7.4.4 Units passed by examination shall be counted as units passed during the quarter in which the examination was taken.

R7.4.5 Units graded IP (In Progress) shall be counted as units passed.

R7.4.6 Units graded I (Incomplete) are not counted as units passed. When the grade of I is replaced by a passing grade, the units shall be counted toward Expected Progress for the quarter in which the I grade was awarded.

R7.5 Units for Courses Taken at other Institutions. A student is prohibited from obtaining transfer units for courses taken at a non-University of California campus in a quarter during which the student is enrolled as a full-time student at UCR. Summer session course work is exempt from this restriction.

R7.5.1 To request an exception, a petition must be submitted to and approved by the appropriate College or School committee or administrative officer prior to the quarter of concurrent enrollment.

R7.5.2 In those instances where approval has been granted, units earned from courses taken at a non-University of California campus shall be counted toward the Expected Progress in the quarter(s) in which the concurrent enrollment occurred.

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